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Units Consulting Ltd. (Kiev)

33A, Dehtiarivska Str.,
7th floor,
03057, Kiev (Kyiv), Ukraine.

Tel.: +380 (44) 467 6353

Company policy

Units Consulting Ltd. applies the principles and approaches aimed at the full satisfaction of our clients’ information needs in the course of professional services provision. Our main priorities are: confidentiality, individual approach, timeliness, staff qualification and flexible and transparent fee policy.

To provide accounting and payroll services in the 21st century, accountants must have the tools to respond effectively and immediately. Units Consulting Ltd. continues to invest significant capital to maintain our strategic investment in the best technology.


We are working toward placing the power of information into the hands of our accountants through the use of mobile technologies in order to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Innovation without complexity is critical to our success whether a accountant is in an office, at a client’s site, or in the comfort of their home.

At Units Consulting Ltd., technology is an asset to providing quality services to our clients.

We have architected a security program that meets or exceeds the rigorous governance, risk and compliance requirements of our clients to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their information entrusted to us.


Our confidentiality policy is aimed to ensure the highest level of confidentiality of information related to our clients’ business. Our efforts in this area include both the implementation of high technological standards and the operation of controls according to national and international audit practices. A key principle of our work is adherence to the provisions of the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants, approved by International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

We guarantee a high level of the client data protection. In our firm, only professionals who need client data to perform their engagement for the client are granted access to that data. Any professional who has access to the client data is fully responsible for the confidentiality.

Individual approach

In the course of our work we practice an individual approach to each client’s interest through practical advice and efficient solutions for their business, and focus our efforts on the needs of rapidly developing companies.


A key issue in our policy is timeliness of our professional services. You can contact our consultants using any means and at any time convenient for you. Therefore, you can be sure that information you need will not lose its relevance by the time you receive it.


Our staff includes certified auditors of Ukraine, with university grades in economics (specialising in accounting, audit and finance). Each accountant and auditor of Audit firm "Units Consulting Ltd." has experience in a specific area of business, and the management will always take this into account when assigning a professional services project to a particular expert.

In order to enchance the skills of our professionals we have developed the system of activities, including, among other events, regular corporate seminars where our personnel can exchange experience, review new laws and regulations as well as gain deep knowledge in the most controversial issues of taxation, law and financial accounting.

Transparent fee policy

Units Consulting Ltd. combines quality cost-effective audit, accounting and payroll services to help Clients make and save more money. That is why, when it comes to fees, you will find our accounting firm are completely transparent.

We promise to confirm the full costs you can expect before we begin any work and keep you informed throughout. And we will not start any work until we know you are agree with our estimate.

We will always explain what any charges are for, what they include and when they will be due. We will also let you know about any additional fees you might need to pay to external agencies as part of your case (such as notary fees, expert reports or travel reports). So, whatever happens, you can be sure you will not have any unwanted surprises at the end.

We normally charge on the time-spent basis for our professional services. Wherever possible we offer fixed fees for an item of work rather than charging you for every minute of our time. We are always willing to discuss various contract types, conditions and fee schemes.

Hourly fee

The hourly fee is set out per working hour, this being a fixed amount set out in the contract that is invoiced by Units Consulting Ltd. for each hour of advisor.

Fixed fee

For audit, review and one-time services we propose fixed fees. The amount of a fixed fee is determined by the services that you engage us to undertake, by the time we expect to spend on your case, its complexity and our experience in handling similar matters. And no charges for phone calls or meetings.

Subscription fee

For your easy budgeting and cash flow planning we can work on genuine subscription fee for accounting and payroll services. There is ideal fee model for rapid growth companies and local offices. The subscription fee assumes paying the activities of our accounting firm according to a monthly subscription with our accounting firm at accounting services included. This manner assumes concluding a contract for long periods. The Client will pay a fixed monthly fee for the accounting services packages set out prior or, as applicable, for ensuring a number of hours set out prior included in the subscription, followed of invoicing the additional hours according to the hourly fee manner.


According to prior agreement our accounting firm can request covering the expenses made for the client’s best interest when these activities involve external costs – charges, notary fees, and travel fees – that will be borne by the client.

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