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Due Diligence Services

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Financial Due Diligence Services in Ukraine

Our goal is to assist in the ultimate success of a transaction by enhancing a client's understanding of the target business, presenting the highest quality of information, and identifying factors of the business critical to future success.

Buyers must have a complete understanding of the business issues involved in a transaction to arrive at the most favorable deal. Regardless of the size of your company or the business you are in, Units Consulting Ltd. can help you make an informed decision.

Financial & Tax Due Diligence Services in Ukraine

All business transactions contain elements of risk and opportunity. There is a risk of paying too much as a buyer, facing litigation or finding out too late that the deal will not work as expected. There is also the opportunity of increasing market share, profitability and competitiveness. Our team can supply independent analysis and evaluation of the performance of a business so that you minimize your risk and maximize your returns.

Professionals of Accounting firm Units Consulting Ltd. thoroughly evaluates a target, looking at both financial and non-financial measures. We also expose possible risks and hidden costs, normalize historical and projected earnings, and present a view of maintainable profits and future cash flows.

We can objectively review and analyze information to determine if representations made by another party are accurate. We focus on financial and tax issues and look at other critical areas that could affect a transaction. Every deal is different and we customize our approach to your specific needs.

  • Focus on key accounting and tax issues, risks and potential deal breakers
  • Assess quality of earnings and cash flows
  • Assess quality of asets to be purchased and liabilities to be assumed
  • Independent physical inventory audit of main assets
  • Identify potential adjustments to profit and working capital
  • Validate sustainable earnings and cash flows
  • Assess quality of internal controls, accounting systems and accounting personnel
  • Identify internal control deficiencies and significant weaknesses
  • Identify potential hidden liabilities or future cash strains
  • Evaluate assumptions underlying management's projections
  • Review sales and purchase agreement
  • Advise on optimal deal structure

When needed, we can compile a set of statutory financial statements and present that in an international format.

Our team of dedicated professionals assists clients in the early stage of a variety of transactions.

To learn more about our Financial Due Diligence Services please contact us.

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Units Consulting Ltd. provides professional multi-lingual accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services (English, Ukrainian, Russian) to the companies, foreign representative offices and NGOs that operate various businesses.

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